Our services

We are a startup from Braunschweig.
Our goal is to supply you with fresh food quickly and at the best price.
We have completely rethought the delivery process.

Test buyer wanted for innovative food delivery service in Braunschweig!

Are you too busy after a hard day’s work to go shopping for fresh things on the weekend for the whole week? Then order your purchase online via our new app and have the freshness delivered to you easily and conveniently.

Corona is a relevant topic for you?

Delivery services are taking on a new meaning, especially in times of social distancing. With the gradual relaxation of the measures, the demand for mobility services and home deliveries in Germany has increased sharply.

Safety first!

However, the risk of contagion is omnipresent. Regardless of how you feel about the measures, restricting contacts is currently the order of the day.

Our drivers and delivery partners can request a refund every three weeks for the purchase of antibacterial gel, disinfectant wipes or masks. We would like to do our part to interrupt possible chains of infection.

We want to become part of your daily life!

For this reason, after extensive planning, we have now founded the gmeo online supermarket as a startup. With our operations, we want to meet the growing demand for mobility and food delivery in the country. We are currently in the extended test phase. Therefore we are looking for you as a test buyer – initially in Braunschweig.

In short – the quickie among delivery services!

We know your time is valuable. We have therefore optimized costs and delivery times to such an extent that we are guaranteed to be with you within 2 hours. In order to keep the delivery times even shorter, your groceries will be handed over to you directly at the vehicle.

The gmeo delivery method make it possible!

Our prices are on average 10% lower than in the supermarket of your choice. The best thing about it: You don’t even have to pay delivery fees when you place an order!


A feeling of security: with Live Order Tracking

You can find out about the status of your delivery online at any time. And what could be nicer than opening the app and knowing immediately where your delivery is? Shortly before arrival, the driver will then call you.

Welcome to our community 

We want to be with you from the first moment of your gmeo experience, so we will guide you step by step so that you know exactly how to download the app and enjoy your first order. After all, we at gmeo want everyone to have the best experience with the app with us. Let us begin.

Can we count on your opinion?

Even if you don’t want to place an order yet, we are very interested in your feedback. Let us know how you like the service and what you think we can improve.

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